Time Machine

Commission piece for the Threshold Art Space, Perth Concert Hall within the Time exhibit.┬áThe work was an extension to the Lyre Bird Installation created one year previous (see earlier works),┬áMarch – May 2007.

The following accounts the five new interactive collages created:

1. Perth and the Enchanted Pendulum
Variety of records from different clocks and watches – each sensor triggers a short tic-toc loop which is seen to slow or speed up time. As more and more sensors are triggered – more and more sounds are introduced from cuckoo clocks to a church bell – where the number of chimes is relative to how many people have entered the hall that day.

2. Perth and the Magnetic Rewind
Two loops of people gathered in the Perth auditorium sit left and right. Sensor triggering causes these loops to speed up, slow down, reverse or freeze. This action replicates and inflates the buttons upon a tape player.

3. Perth and the Lightspeed Ticket
Taking inspiration from Star Trek and eighties sci-fi this setting allows visitors to move at warp speed to their destination. Each sensor triggers a ‘teleport’ with its own distinct tone making each trip a rich musical experience.

4. Perth and the Year Runner
This setting converts the entrance way into a time machine. Every trigger causes the present year to decrease or increase depending on the direction of the visitors travel through the space. The voice of the machine is filtered to sound like old radio equipment and thus evoke 1950s film. The voice can announce the present year and date (which alters every day to follow the actual date).

5. Perth and the Mirai
Mirai is Japanese for ‘Future’ – this setting is an adaptation of the system used in ‘Year Runner’ but with dates and years presented in Japanese. In this setting, each sensor moves the year forward – allowing visitors the chance to see how far into the future they can go. The voice is filtered using a ‘vocoder’ effect which is typical of futuristic film – as is the love of modern Japanese culture.