Sounding Out Aural Augmented reality

Green, M. (2013), ‘Sounding out Aural Augmented Reality’, Proceedings of Fascinate Conference, Falmouth University, 2013.


Whilst the majority of research and practice in the field of augmented reality (AR) concerns supplementing visible reality with virtual imagery, the concept of AR is not limited to such. What augments and is being augmented can be aural. This paper explores this alternative, providing an introduction to what is termed here ‘aural augmented reality’ (AAR). This paper includes a definition of AAR as well as a summary of the major research and practice in this area, which is presented under three headings: modes of delivery, positioning methods,and creative application. For the latter, music and sound art practices not previously linked to AR are introduced. The main motives for doing so are to raise the stature of AAR, advance its methods and provide a theoretical grounding