Ears of Others: Activities in Listening Like Animals

Workshop held at Sonorities 2018, Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland on April 21st 2018. 

Workshop held at Invisible Places: Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place, University of the Azores, São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal on 5th of April 2017. 

Workshop held at CCA Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland on 17th of May 2015 as part of the “Our Neighbourhood” initiative convened by Sara Browne. Workshop activity subsequently transcribed for the book “Between a Dog and a Wolf: An Animal Empathy Workbook” (2015) edited by Sarah Browne. 

The following text was used to promote the Invisible Places workshop:

“Sound artist Matt Green will facilitate a workshop upon the theme of the aural-perceptual abilities of animals. The workshop is to be practical, open and explorative. The workshop is to feature critical listening, field recording, sound processing, sound modelling and paper mask-making activities. Both indoor and outdoor activities are planned.

The workshop is intended to build regard and empathy towards the animals with whom we share our environments, and in turn insight consideration of how we impact these animals. Furthermore, the workshop employs animals and their ways of hearing and listening to encourage a reflection upon our own ways of hearing and listening, and to frame and motivate activities in listening and creatively engaging with sound.

The workshop will develop skills in listening, sound recording, editing and processing and creatively address such questions as why the ears of certain species of owl are asymmetric, one ear higher than the other. No prior knowledge or experience with sound is needed to partake in the workshop. Participants of all ages from 14+ are welcome”.

Below Images: CCA workshop, photos by Denzil Browne, 2015

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