Mobile demonstration created for promotion of the school of Sonic Arts within the Queen’s University Innovation publication, showcased at the Invest Northern Ireland Innovation Conference, May 2007. In collaboration with Pedro Rebelo and Florian Hollerweger.

This project seeks to create a non-intrusive ringtone through appreciation of the mobile owners present environment. The system identifies the key sonic components of a location through the use of a microphone attached to the mobile phone. A sonic ‘snapshot’ is taken of the present surrounds that becomes the basis of the ringtone. This profile is then filtered and projected in a manner that is informed by the surrounds. The system makes the mobile owner aware of an incoming call through their awareness of being the source of this new sound. However, because this sound is that of the present place, the ringtone is able to subtly attach itself to the soundscape creating no notable Intrusion.

As this ringtone progresses it becomes more abstracted from the environment.
It begins to resonant as though projected through a specific musical instrument body.
However, the quality of this tonal resonance is maintained
by the system so that it still sympathises with the character of the present place.