Matt Green is sound artist, practice-based researcher and new media tutor. He is a producer of site-specific sound art. The vast majority of Matt’s practice concerns public urban space, and has served to frame, accent and augment the host location through soundscape composition. These compositions are delivered via either multichannel sound installation/performance or mobile sound application. Each work is the outcome of an extensive programme of situated activity that includes field recording (the aural equivalent to photography and documentary); community collaboration; and onsite research, design and development.

In 2010, Matt exhibited six concurrent site-specific sound installations across the city of Belfast for PLACE Built Environment Centre and Belfast City Council. This work was titled Resounding Rivers and sought to reintroduce the sound of Belfast’s buried rivers into the city’s streets. He is the co-creator of an adaptable, permanent interactive sound installation in the entrance space of Perth Concert Hall, Scotland entitled Lyre Bird (2005). This piece mimics the soundscape of other known places around Perthshire and is interacted with through infrared sensor technologies. Matt has also shown work at various festivals and conferences throughout the UK and further afield including Dislocate (Tokyo, Japan), Inclusiva.Net (Madrid, Spain) and FutureSonic (Manchester, UK).

Underpinning Matt’s practice is academic study addressing sound and music technologies, the histories of sound art and electroacoustic composition, critical urban theory and art and the everyday. Matt’s PhD research, which he completed in 2011, was funded by Hewlett-Packard Media Labs, Bristol and addressed how pervasive and mobile sound technologies can have a positive effect upon our everyday experiences and our attitude towards, and interest in, the urban environment.